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Hi! I'm a programmer currently living in Indiana. I'm passionate about video games, music, and how programming intersects the two. Here are the projects I've worked on along with tutorials and other various blog posts. More about me

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Handling UTF8 Encoding With C#'s Process

Recently at work I ran into a Unicode encoding issue. We using C#'s Process to run to create our SQL backups. Recently we discovered that any Unicode stored in our databases was mangled when we dumped the database. And I spent waaaaay too much time trying to figure out why this was happening so here's how I finally figured out how to fix it. TLDR Turns out Window's doesn't like UTF8 by default…Read More

Scheduling Posts with Jekyll

Scheduling Posts with JekyllOne major down side to using a static site generator like Jekyll is the lack of dynamic updates. CMS tools like Wordpress allow for scheduling posts for the future which is almost essential for consistent blog posts. So what do you do if you want a static site but also want to schedule posts for the future? Well if you are hosting your site on your own sever then you can easily automate your site…Read More

Unreal 4 NPC Dialogue System

Most games have some sort of feedback system to let the player know what's happening. These systems can inform the player if they are on the right path, give context to the story, and give help to the player. Dialogue is a great example of one of these feedback systems. For this tutorial I'm going to be showing you have to create an interactable dialogue system in Unreal Engine 4. You can download…Read More

Making a Basic FMOD Audio Engine in C++

In my previous post, Setting Up Xcode and Visual Studio for FMOD Development talked about getting your IDE environment ready for creating an FMOD audio engine implementation. In this tutorial I'll go over creating a basic audio engine that you can use in your C++ projects to add quick and easy dynamic audio. This engine will be able to handle both single audio files and FMOD Studio Events to give…Read More

Setting Up Xcode and Visual Studio for FMOD Development

This tutorial series is going to be all about starting out as an Audio Programmer using the middleware FMOD. I'll be going over setting up Xcode/Visual Studio to work with FMOD and creating a basic implementation that you can use in your C++ projects. It's probably good that you have some understanding of C++ but I'll only be covering very basic things so it shouldn't be too hard to follow along…Read More

Creating a Visual Novel in Unity

This tutorial will help you create a basic visual novel framework that you can use your own story and art in, as well as expand upon the framework itself with more functionality. I will say I’m not the best Unity dev and there are probably better ways to lay out this framework but this will give you a good start if you want to quickly get started with game development. You can see and download the…Read More

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