Released Games

These are the games I've worked on that have seen a proper release in some form.

Return of Aetheria

Return of Aetheria is an Alternate Reality game built for conventions that I worked on from January 2014 to June 2015. The game is a mixture of digital and analog gaming built during a class at IUPUI. I was apart of the last 2 years out of the 3 that it was shown off. For the first year my role was Music Composer/Sound Engineer and Sponsorship Relations. My Second year involved me being a Gameplay Programmer. You can check out more about the project on the Return of Aetheria website.

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Mirrored is a puzzle maze game with a unique twist of controlling two different characters and only being able to see half of each characters maze at a time. Initially created during the 2014 Global Game Jam with Jess Luke then expanded upon and polished for the next 6 months to a full mobile release on the Google Play Store. My role was primary the game and sound designer and UI programmer but did a little bit of everything on the programming and art side. You can download and play it over on

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Game Jams

I love doing game jams. I think they are the best way to hone and practice game creation.

The Chore

The Chore is a game built with HaxeFlixel in the 72 hour Ludume Dare Jam. I handled the programming and audio for the game and the art was done by @Moussetticus. The theme for this jam was One Room and we created a sequence puzzle game about cleaning a room. Though the story of the game follows a darker path. You can look at the source code of the game on my Github.

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Duality - LD34

Duality is my entry into the 34 Ludum Dare compo. The game was ranked 3rd in audio in the compo. You can listen to the track on my SoundCloud. It’s a rhythm based skill game where you have to click the right mouse buttons on the right target. The game was made in 48 hours using HaxeFlixel for the game and Abelton Live 9 for the music. You can play the most recent version by reading more or checkout my original version on the Ludum Dare page. You can also checkout the source on my GitHub.

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Sound Control

Sound Control is a game made using HaxeFlixel in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33. The theme was You Are the Monster. I hadn’t planned on doing the jam but the theme was too good not to. You can check out my game either by click read more or on the LudumDare site. You can also checkout the source code on my Github.

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Pirate Panic!

Pirate Panic! is a multiplayer Spaceteam inspired game built during the 2015 Global Game Jam in 48 hours. I was a gameplay programmer on the project. You can checkout the game out on the Pirate Panic Global Game Jam page. You can also read my Post Modem here on my blog.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole is a standard platformer built with HaxeFlixel in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 31. This was my first Ludum Dare and my goal was to finish a game and place in the top 100 for audio. I’m proud to say I accomplished these goals. You can play the game either by clicking read more or over on the Ludum Dare website. You can also checkout my source code over on my Github.

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Fireflies was a game built in 1 hour during the 0 Hour Game Jame. I just wanted to see what I could do in one hour and make a really quick prototype. The game is a simple avoidance game built with Haxeflixel. You can play it by clicking read more or view the source over on my Github!

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Space Cowboy Shooting Gallery

Space Cowboy Shooting Gallery is an alternative controller shooting gallery game built with Unity and the Leap Motion. The game was built during a 24 hour game jam at IUPUI. I was the programmer for the game and created it along with Michael Auer and Luke Brown. We wanted to use something different during the game jam and our school had a Leap Motion so we decided to use it. You can see the source code and download the game over on my Github.

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Other Games

These games don't fall into the lists above. They range from personal projects to class room assignments.


The NET is the second game I ever created. It’s my take on a side scrolling bullet hell game with a branching story line. The game itself is very mediocre but has a decent story and a dynamic soundtrack. The game was made with Flash and AS3. You can play it over on

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Notes is a whack-a-mole style game created for an intro game development class. My twist on the game is that the music is procedurally generated based on the gameplay. Each time a player hits a note it triggers a random sound that fits in with the background music. The game was built with Flash and AS3. You can play the game on

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