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Hi! I'm a programmer currently living in Indiana. I'm passionate about video games, music, and how programming intersects the two. Here are the projects I've worked on along with tutorials and other various blog posts. More about me

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Global Game Jam 2023 Postmortem

Global Game Jam 2023 PostmortemDisclaimer: I don't think this will be "educational" in really anyway. I do appreciate if you do decide to stick around and read my ramblings. Hopefully it can at least inspire some movement inside your brain for future projects. Holly crap it's been 9 years since I did my first Global Game Jam! After all those years I feel like this was one of my most successful games yet. For those who don't…Read More

Global Game Jam 2019 Postmortem

Global Game Jam 2019 PostmortemAnother year and another exciting Global Game Jam. This one being one of my favorite jams in a long while. For those who don't know Global Game Jam (GGJ) is an annual global event where participants create a game in 48 hours. Typically this is done at a designated site with a team that is built at the event. This was my most successful game jam in a while. The team worked together really well. We…Read More

Handling UTF8 Encoding With C#'s Process

Recently at work I ran into a Unicode encoding issue. We using C#'s Process to run to create our SQL backups. Recently we discovered that any Unicode stored in our databases was mangled when we dumped the database. And I spent waaaaay too much time trying to figure out why this was happening so here's how I finally figured out how to fix it. TLDR Turns out Window's doesn't like UTF8 by default…Read More

Moving from Jekyll to Gatsby

For the past month or so I've been wanting to redo my personal site. I wanted to get back into the habit of writing more posts and my old site was getting very out-dated. I've started doing web development at work so I figure I could put my new skill to use in my personal work. Overall I really enjoy my sites new look and I feel like it's going to be much more manageable to work with it in the…Read More

Global Game Jam 2017: A Failed Postmortem

Global Game Jam 2017: A Failed PostmortemSo Global Game Jam just happened last weekend. I didn't have the time to participate all weekend but got a lot of work done on Saturday. Sadly, the team I worked with didn't quite finish because we ran into quite a few issues with Unreal 4. This year's theme was Waves which to me is actually a pretty good theme. This was the first year I've had a super large team. I ended up being on a team with…Read More

A Quick Guide to Game Jams

A Quick Guide to Game JamsIf you've been interested in game development for almost any decent length of time you've probably heard of a game jam. For those that don't know a game jam is an event where you take a short period of time to create a game. These normally last 48 hours, but I've seen game jams ranging from 1 hour to 2 weeks. This might sound like a very hard task, and it can be, but it's one of the best learning…Read More

Weekly 3D Print Cobra Fan Mount

Weekly 3D Print Cobra Fan MountThis weeks 3D print was a much needed fan upgrade for my printer. There are a lot of fan mounts out there for the Wanhao style printer. I went with the Cobra - Rear mounted cooler because of it's looks and placement on the printer. You can check out the .STL and other files over at Almost all tutorials and forums will tell you that upgrading your fan is one of the…Read More

Scheduling Posts with Jekyll

Scheduling Posts with JekyllOne major down side to using a static site generator like Jekyll is the lack of dynamic updates. CMS tools like Wordpress allow for scheduling posts for the future which is almost essential for consistent blog posts. So what do you do if you want a static site but also want to schedule posts for the future? Well if you are hosting your site on your own sever then you can easily automate your site…Read More

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