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Space Base Restoration

Space Base Restoration is a mod I contributed to for Double Fine’s Spacebase DF-9. While the mod is no longer actively being worked on, I figured it would be a good idea to talk about and reflect on what was accomplished with the mod. The mod managed to inject a tiny bit of life into a forgotten and dropped game. As of January 2017 the mod has been downloaded over 2,000 times.

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The Chore

The Chore is a game built with HaxeFlixel in the 72 hour Ludume Dare Jam. I handled the programming and audio for the game and the art was done by @Moussetticus. The theme for this jam was One Room and we created a sequence puzzle game about cleaning a room. Though the story of the game follows a darker path. You can look at the source code of the game on my Github.

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Duality - LD34

Duality is my entry into the 34 Ludum Dare compo. The game was ranked 3rd in audio in the compo. You can listen to the track on my SoundCloud. It’s a rhythm based skill game where you have to click the right mouse buttons on the right target. The game was made in 48 hours using HaxeFlixel for the game and Abelton Live 9 for the music. You can play the most recent version by reading more or checkout my original version on the Ludum Dare page. You can also checkout the source on my GitHub.

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Scheduling Posts with Jekyll

One major down side to using a static site generator like Jekyll is the lack of dynamic updates. CMS tools like Wordpress allow for scheduling posts for the future which is almost essential for consistent blog posts. So what do you do if you want a static site but also want to schedule posts for the future? Well if you are hosting your site on your own sever then you can easily automate your site update process. In this post I’ll be showing you how I schedule posts for my own site. This is a slightly specific usage so your millage my vary but these ideas should be easily adaptable to many situations.

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Unreal 4 NPC Dialogue System

Most games have some sort of feedback system to let the player know what’s happening. These systems can inform the player if they are on the right path, give context to the story, and give help to the player. Dialogue is a great example of one of these feedback systems. For this tutorial I’m going to be showing you have to create an intractable dialogue system in Unreal Engine 4. You can download it for free on their website. For this project you can checkout the source code on my Github.

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Making a Basic FMOD Audio Engine in C++

In my previous post, Setting Up Xcode and Visual Studio for FMOD Development, I talked about getting your IDE environment ready for creating an FMOD audio engine implementation. In this tutorial I’ll go over creating a basic audio engine that you can use in your C++ projects to add quick and easy dynamic audio. This engine will be able to handle both single audio files and FMOD Studio Events to give you lots of flexibility. So let’s get to the code.

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Global Game Jam 2017: A Failed Postmortem

So Global Game Jam just happened last weekend. I didn’t have the time to participate all weekend but got a lot of work done on Saturday. Sadly, the team I worked with didn’t quite finish because we ran into quite a few issues with Unreal 4. This year’s theme was Waves which to me is actually a pretty good theme. This was the first year I’ve had a super large team. I ended up being on a team with 8 people including me. Overall, while we didn’t quite finish, I think we came up with some cool stuff and I discovered a few cool things to do with Unreal 4. But as always I had a great time at GGJ and I’m super glad I got to participate for my 4th year in a row.

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A Quick Guide to Game Jams

If you’ve been interested in game development for almost any decent length of time you’ve probably heard of a game jam. For those that don’t know a game jam is an event where you take a short period of time to create a game. These normally last 48 hours, but I’ve seen game jams ranging from 1 hour to 2 weeks. This might sound like a very hard task, and it can be, but it’s one of the best learning tools I’ve ever come across. In this post I’m going to talk a bit about my experience with game jams and why you should participate in game jams as well.

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Weekly 3D Print Cobra Fan Mount

This weeks 3D print was a much needed fan upgrade for my printer. There are a lot of fan mounts out there for the Wanhao style printer. I went with the Cobra - Rear mounted cooler because of it’s looks and placement on the printer. You can check out the .STL and other files over at

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