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Duality - LD34

Duality is my entry into the 34 Ludum Dare compo. The game was ranked 3rd in audio in the compo. You can listen to the track on my SoundCloud. It’s a rhythm based skill game where you have to click the right mouse buttons on the right target. The game was made in 48 hours using HaxeFlixel for the game and Abelton Live 9 for the music. You can play the most recent version by reading more or checkout my original version on the Ludum Dare page. You can also checkout the source on my GitHub.

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Sound Control

Sound Control is a game made using HaxeFlixel in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33. The theme was You Are the Monster. I hadn’t planned on doing the jam but the theme was too good not to. You can check out my game either by click read more or on the LudumDare site. You can also checkout the source code on my Github.

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Return of Aetheria

Return of Aetheria is an Alternate Reality game built for conventions that I worked on from January 2014 to June 2015. The game is a mixture of digital and analog gaming built during a class at IUPUI. I was apart of the last 2 years out of the 3 that it was shown off. For the first year my role was Music Composer/Sound Engineer and Sponsorship Relations. My Second year involved me being a Gameplay Programmer. You can check out more about the project on the Return of Aetheria website.

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Making a Basic FMOD Audio Engine in C++

In my previous post, Setting Up Xcode and Visual Studio for FMOD Development, I talked about getting your IDE environment ready for creating an FMOD audio engine implementation. In this tutorial I’ll go over creating a basic audio engine that you can use in your C++ projects to add quick and easy dynamic audio. This engine will be able to handle both single audio files and FMOD Studio Events to give you lots of flexibility. So let’s get to the code.

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Setting Up Xcode and Visual Studio for FMOD Development

This tutorial series is going to be all about starting out as an Audio Programmer using the middleware FMOD. I’ll be going over setting up Xcode/Visual Studio to work with FMOD and creating a basic implementation that you can use in your C++ projects. It’s probably good that you have some understanding of C++ but I’ll only be covering very basic things so it shouldn’t be too hard to follow along if you don’t. By the end hopefully you’ll have a better grasp on integrating audio middleware into C++ projects so you can start creating some awesome audio programming systems.

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Unreal 4 NPC Dialogue System

Most games have some sort of feedback system to let the player know what’s happening. These systems can inform the player if they are on the right path, give context to the story, and give help to the player. Dialogue is a great example of one of these feedback systems. For this tutorial I’m going to be showing you have to create an intractable dialogue system in Unreal Engine 4. You can download it for free on their website. For this project you can checkout the source code on my Github.

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