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Hi! I'm a programmer currently living in Indiana. I'm passionate about video games, music, and how programming intersects the two. Here are the projects I've worked on along with tutorials and other various blog posts. More about me

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The Chore

The Chore is a game built with HaxeFlixel in the 72 hour Ludume Dare Jam. I handled the programming and audio for the game and the art was done by @Moussetticus. The theme for this jam was One Room and we created a sequence puzzle game about cleaning a room. Though the story of the game follows a darker path. You can look at the source code of the game on my Github.

You've got one job today and that's to clean up the house. Hopefully you can do it before you significant other get's home. This choir might just test the relationship.

Click on objects to clean up the house. Make sure you don't make a mess of something you've already cleaned.

If you are interested you can read the postmortem about the game here!

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