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Hi! I'm a programmer currently living in Indiana. I'm passionate about video games, music, and how programming intersects the two. Here are the projects I've worked on along with tutorials and other various blog posts. More about me

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Mirrored is a puzzle maze game with a unique twist of controlling two different characters and only being able to see half of each characters maze at a time. Initially created during the 2014 Global Game Jam with Jess Luke then expanded upon and polished for the next 6 months to a full mobile release on the Google Play Store. My role was primary the game and sound designer and UI programmer but did a little bit of everything on the programming and art side. You can download and play it over on


Mirrored was built with Java using the LibGDX framework. With a little over 80 levels the majority of the production time of the game was spent creating levels. The levels where created with the Tiled map editor then all the map data was parsed inside of LibGDX to create each level. I integrated the game with achievements and cloud saving through the Google Play Services. The design of the game lost it's focus once we started adding more stereotypical mobile game systems like the 3 start system. I wish we would have thought outside the box a bit more and came up with a better level grading system but I'm happy with how polished the game turned out.


You can download it on Android on the Google Play Store or download it for desktop on


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