(set:$shirt to 1) (set:$pants to 1) (set:$shoes to 1) (set:$underwear to 1) (set:$excitment to 0) (set:$stamina to 3) (set:$regain to 0) [[Begin the Show]]The lights have dimmed, the crowd is going wild, the spotlight is center stage. It's your time to shine, what do you do? (if:$regain is 1)[ (set:$stamina to $stamina + 1) (set:$regain to 0) ](else:)[ (set:$regain to 1) ] (if:$shirt is 1)[ [[Remove shirt]] ] (if:$pants is 1)[ [[Remove pants]] ] (if:$shoes is 1)[ [[Remove shoes]] ] (if:$shirt is 0 and $pants is 0 and $underwear is 1)[ [[Remove underwear]] ] [[Dance]](set:$shirt to 0) The crowd goes wild! (set:$excitment to $excitment + 2) [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] (set:$pants to 0) (if:$shoes is 1)[ Your shoes get in the way as you strugle and stumple over yourself to attempt to remove your pants. After a few awkward moments you finally get your pants off. (set:$excitement to $excitement - 1) [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] ](else:)[ [[Tear pants off]] [[Slip pants off]] ] (set:$shoes to 0) [[Kick shoes off]] [[Slip shoes off]](set:$underwear to 0) [[Rip them off]] [[Slip them off]](if:$stamina > 0)[ Shaking your way around the stage the crowd stares on. They are following and awaiting your everymove. (set:$stamina to $stamina - 1) (set:$excitment to $excitment + 1) ](else:)[ You flop around on stage. No one really seems to be impressed by your moves. (set:$excitment to $excitment - 1) ] [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] (if:$stamina > 1)[ You rip your pants off with so much force a few members of the audience faint! You toss them into the crowd and everyone goes wild! (set:$excitment to $excitment + 3) (set:$stamina to $stamina - 2) ](else:)[ After a few tugs at your pants you finally manage to get them off but no one is really impressed with you. (set:$excitment to $excitment - 1) ] [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] You sensually slip your pants off one leg at a time. The crowd is building with anticipation as your finally remove the clothing. (set:$excitment to $excitment + 1) [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] (if:$stamina > 0)[ With a swift kick of each foot your shoes go flying off to the side of the stage. Things are starting to heat up. (set:$excitment to $excitment + 2) (set:$stamina to $stamina - 1) ](else:)[ You swing your legs but can't seem to find the force to remove your shoes. After taking the time to untie them you finally can get them off. ] [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] You pull the laces of each shoe to quickly undo the knot. You gently pull each shoe off while looking into the eyes of the crowd. (set:$excitment to $excitment + 1) [[Continue Dancing->Begin the Show]] (if:$stamina > 1)[ Placing your hands on both sides of the underwear and grasping tightly you give a large tug. There's a rip sound as the underwear coming flying off revieling all that you have to show. The crowd goes wild for this final move as people try to grab at your freshly thrown underwear. (set:$excitment to $excitment + 4) ](else:)[ Placing your hands on both sides of the underwear and grasping tightly you give a large tug. Sudenly nothing happens! You don't now where your strength went put the underwear are staying put. Everyone is pretty disapointed. (set:$excitment to $excitment - 1) ] [[Finish the Show]](if:$shoes is 1)[ You try to pull your underwear down across your shoes but they seem to get in the way. You hope around a few times before you are finally freed from the undergarments. (set:$excitment to $excitment - 1) ](else:)[ You gently pull the underwear off to show the crowd all of what you got. There are gasps and chears in the crowd. (set:$excitment to $excitment + 2) ] [[Finish the Show]](if:$excitment > 9)[ As your final moves are shown the crowd loves you. Everyone is tossing money on to the stage for you to collect. The whole night was a great success thanks to your awesome moves. You collected $957 tonight. ](elseif:$excitment > 6)[ You finish showing off your sick moves and the crowd reacts positivly. There is a good amount of money being thrown at you. Tonight seemed to be a great night but didn't pull in quite as much money as you had hoped. You collected $245 tonight. ](elseif:$excitment > 3)[ You finally have taken off all your clothes and have shown what you got. There are a few cheers in the crowd as a few people toss a little bit of money on to the stage for you. It was a disapointing performance. You collected $97 tonight. ](elseif:$excitment > 0)[ The crowd has thinned out as your finish up your moves. There's a few people left watching you but not many. Tonight didn't go well at all but maybe you'll do better tomorrow. You collected $24 tonight. ](else:)[ The crowd has all but cleared out thanks to your lack-luster performance. You'll be lucky to have a job after this. You collecte $2 tonight. ] [[Restart?->init]]