Mirrored is a puzzle maze game with a unique twist of controlling two different characters and only being able to see half of each characters maze at a time. Initially created during the 2014 Global Game Jam with Jess Luke then expanded upon and polished for the next 6 months to a full mobile release on the Google Play Store. My role was primary the game and sound designer and UI programmer but did a little bit of everything on the programming and art side. You can download and play it over on

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The NET is the second game I ever created. It’s my take on a side scrolling bullet hell game with a branching story line. The game itself is very mediocre but has a decent story and a dynamic soundtrack. The game was made with Flash and AS3. You can play it over on

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Notes is a whack-a-mole style game created for an intro game development class. My twist on the game is that the music is procedurally generated based on the gameplay. Each time a player hits a note it triggers a random sound that fits in with the background music. The game was built with Flash and AS3. You can play the game on

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