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Hi! I'm a programmer currently living in Indiana. I'm passionate about video games, music, and how programming intersects the two. Here are the projects I've worked on along with tutorials and other various blog posts. More about me

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Pirate Panic! Global Game Jam 2015 Post-mortem

You can check out the game at and check out the people that helped make the game Tim,  Josh, and Geoff. This year was my second Global Game Jam and I really wanted to do things a lot different from the first year. Since last year I've  participated in several game jams and have grown enormously as a developer. I felt this growth has given me the confidence and knowledge to do new…Read More

Down the Rabbit Hole Postmortem

Down the Rabbit Hole PostmortemThis was my first Ludum Dare (though not my first game jam) so I thought I do a little post-mortem about my experience. First off Ludum Dare is now my favorite game jam I've been in and I can't wait to do another one. The community is the best game developer community I've ever seen. Now to the post-mortem thing. My main goal was to just finish a game. The game didn't have to be fancy, I wasn't…Read More

Finished my First Ludum Dare!

I've finally finished my first ever Ludum Dare! I'm really happy with how it turned out. Down the Rabbit Hole is a simple platformer that uses the previous levels as the tiles for the next level. It's pretty basic but I'm happy with how it all came together. The game was made using Haxeflixel, PyxelEdit for graphics, and Logic for music. PLAY THE GAME! VIEW THE SOURCERead More


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